There have been a lot of questions wanting to know why cbd hemp oil can be quite expensive even when you encounter them at supermarkets. However, when you take into consideration how they are being extracted from the cannabis plant.

There is a difference when it comes to CBD oil and hempseed oil. What’s more different are the processes that goes through in producing these cannabinoid-rich products especially when you want to extract oil from hemp seeds. 

Basically, cbd cannabinoid oil is created from cold pressing of the seeds, then the oil is extracted. This means that you can also do this at home and you don’t even need any special solvent or equipment to get this done. One of the strengths of this product is the nutritional value it offers and this is also different from the other health-enhancing supplements that are produced out there.

Kinds Of Cannabinoid Oil Extractions

It will help if you know how the processed of extracting CBD oil is done so that you will also understand why they are priced at various degrees on the market. One thing is for sure which is oil from cannabinoid is wanted by many and its healing properties are sought after. 

Cold pressing technique

This is one of the most preferred techniques of individuals in getting hemp seed oil, however, it is not as useful when it comes to mass CBD oil production. The oil is obtained through the plant’s stalks and seeds which can be a lot of work.

Rick Simpson Method

This method uses petroleum or naphtha to extract the CBD oil. The method is very efficient when it comes to extracting the important and active compounds from the cannabis plant. However, the end product usually has a lower concentration of cannabinoids as well as terpenes. Higher THC is obtained through this extraction method.

Ethanol or Olive oil extraction

Cannabinoids and terpenes are extracted from the plant through the use of ethanol and olive oil. What makes this process different is that the end product is still very safe to consume. Ethanol can also extract chlorophyll which explains that the final product may have a weird taste and color. Some choose to filter it afterward however it also leads to a much less potent oil. 

Super Critical CO2 extraction

This is probably the most expensive procedure, however, it is nontoxic and very efficient extraction method. You will need skills as well as complex equipment to get this done. It uses solvents and makes sure that you get the most potent extract. This is also what most hue companies work with which can explain why the prices would differ.

Look Out For Yourself Through CBD Oils 

Before you buy any pure oils for well being, always make sure that the company where you buy it from is reliable. The extraction methods should be pure and always read the would want CBD oils that have higher cannabinoid content and as much as possible, the least THC.

There are many legal cannabinoid shops that you can find either locally or online, you simply have to contact the right person. Go to their dedicated websites and see the reviews by previous buyers. You can also contact them through the details of their shops just to make sure that you are buying from a good company.

How Oil From Cannabinoid Is Extracted And Marketed As a Product