Depression can manifest to a person based on his/her experience. It can manifest to anyone who has been into a difficult situation such as losing your loved ones, an encounter when you were just a child, too much expectation over reality, an intense sadness, feeling worthless, and making a bad decision. In some rare cases, it can be a predisposed condition. Meaning- the illness is something you were born with.

It is commonly debated by which this illness is only caused by chemical imbalance form in the brain. While this can happen to anyone and everyone who is experiencing unimaginable things.  Arguably, such illness is just part of the emotion and feeling. True that the human’s neurochemistry plays a vital role in someone’s behavior. The reduction of such chemical imbalance from the brain,  on the other hand, is just a part of the emotion.

The effects of depression

No matter who you are or whatever you do, you can be a victim of depression. In fact, according to American Psychiatric Association, there are about 1 out of 15 adults has encountered or suffered from depression each year. Over than 40% of depression cases lead to suicide particularly the millennials and the generation z. Depression is not just a feeling of emotion but rather considered as a state of mind of making you feel so unworthy. This leads a person to

  • Loss of appetite Difficulties of sleeping
  • Lack of interest Loss of energy
  • Extreme sadness Stress levels
  • Anxiety Mental state

CBD Oil for depression

Fortunately, each year, people who are suffering from depression are diagnosed using oil from cannabinoid.  The cannabinoid oils are  natural substances which came from the thick absolute extract of the hemp plant. To be clear, the pure oils for well being the CBD oils do not cure your depression, but rather the oil collects the receptors from the brain to the corresponding molecules that regulate the function of a human body. This helps you to increase your appetite, lets your body and state of mind relax to get you a good sleep, increase your mood and pleasure.

What is CBD Oil

The CBD cannabinoid oil is one of the most powerful extract naturally occurring compound found in a hemp plant. There are two major substances you can found from a cannabis and these are the CBD and the THC. The CBD activates the endocannabinoids which can be found in the human body. It acts as a messenger and part of the nervous system. Just like the receptors, it tells you to respond to a certain thing.

The oil can make you relax, increase the sense of satisfaction in life, keeps you in the mood, gives you the ability to focus, increase your creativity and gives you the happy feeling. There are other incredible potential health benefits CBD hemp oil can provide such as eliminating cancer cells, skin tone, pain relief, headache relief, cures inflammation, and even for people who are suffering from epilepsy.

On the other hand, the THC is a substance that can be mostly found in marijuana. It is more different than the legal cannabinoid oil and it has the high effect substance that gives you the influence of releasing serotonin and dopamine throughout your body.

CBD Oil And Depression – Legal Cannabinoid